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Impact Report 2023

About this report

This impact report is a testimony to the trust you place in us, and in the community against cancer, which you are a part of. Every achievement, life touched, and research breakthrough made is a story of our collective will to change the face of cancer.

It is thanks to you that Cancer Council Victoria is there for the almost 1 in 2 Victorians who will get cancer in their lifetime, ensuring no one has to go through this difficult journey alone.

As you read through this report, I hope you feel both hope and encouragement of the profound impact you have had in breaking down barriers that lead to poorer cancer outcomes, ensuring more lives can be saved. 

Cancer Council Victoria acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land and water ways on which we stand on and pay our respects to Elders past, present and those who are emerging. 

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Many Victorians found ourselves facing new hardships in 2023. But despite these challenges we continue to respond with compassion and generosity, ensuring that no one has to face cancer alone.

Over the last year I have met people all over Victoria who are using their own unique talents and passions to change the face of cancer. Whether you have poured cups of tea, volunteered in your local community, filled your home with daffodils, encouraged loved ones to Slip! Slop! Slap! or donated, you are transforming how we prevent, detect, treat, and care for cancer.

Together, we will continue to strive for a future where a cancer diagnosis is no longer something to fear .  

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You funded 63 researchers across 17 new research projects in Victorian universities, hospitals and research institutions. 


Heating up tumour research

Prof. Huntington’s team are researching better ways to assist the body’s own immune system to do what it is designed to do – seek out and destroy harmful cells in the body.  

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Groundbreaking research to understand liver tumours

Melbourne researchers are, for the first time, aiming to transform how liver cancer is treated by improving our understanding of how liver tumours are formed.

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New home finger-prick blood test to revolutionise cancer monitoring

A ground-breaking at home finger-prick blood test to measure patient cancer remission and reoccurrence could transform cancer monitoring.   

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Revolutionary new method to reduce cancer risk

Prof. Kathryn Backholer and her team have developed a revolutionary image detection system to monitor the marketing of unhealthy food products to children that are known to increase risk of cancer.  

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Gift in Will Supporter, Peter


Peter's Will to help humanity

Peter’s belief in the potential of humanity, and the valuable contributions of individuals, inspires him to help ensure such potential can be realised to the fullest. For Peter, cancer robs individuals, families, and humanity of hopes and dreams and he is proactively doing what he can to change this.  

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In 2023 you helped launch 17 campaigns and programs designed to prevent cancer and improve early detection. 

The challenge of vaping and young people

Quit is paving the way for change. Together we have made significant progress towards reducing the harmful effects of vaping as the use of e-cigrarettes has risen.

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Encouraging more people to participate in bowel screening

Encouraging more people to take the test

Laurie counts himself as one of the lucky ones, he took the free bowel screening test, and it saved his life. If he hadn’t done the test, he wouldn’t be alive today .  

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Increasing cervical screening awareness in regional Victoria

Significant advancements in HPV immunisation, cervical screening, and treatments have put Victoria on track to be once of the first juristictions in the world to eliminate cervical cancer.

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In 2023, our cancer nurses on 13 11 20 responded to more than 13,820 requests for support or information. Thanks to you, no Victorian has to face cancer alone.


Improving the link to clinical trials

"Not only do clinical trials offer patients hope, but patients who go on clinical trials generally have better outcomes than patients who are not on clinical trials," said Dr Dishan Herath.

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Cancer nurses supporting more Victorians with cancer

Thanks to your support more Victorians are receiving the cancer information and support they need. Together, we’re letting people know they are not alone.  

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We would like to thank the many individuals and organisations who have generously donated, fundraised or volunteered their time to support Cancer Council Victoria’s work. Our work would not be possible without our supporters. Below are just some of the many Victorians who have made significant contributions to cancer research, prevention and support.


Transformational gifts

Charles Tegner
Charles Campbell Coghlan OAM Cancer
Breakthrough Fund
Denise Richardson
Fahey Family
Freemasons Foundation Victoria
Jenny Tatchell
Margaret and John Bland
Nigel and Patricia Peck Foundation
Paula Fox
Rado Family Foundation 

Principle gifts

Audrey F Campbell
Beaconhills College Research Award
DJ & LM Fox Foundation
John King Research Award
Michael Pearson Research Award
Neil & Mavis Grummitt
Paul Wheelton AM
Peter Griffin AM & Terry Swann Foundation
Picchi Brothers Foundation
Robert C. Bulley Charitable Fund
Cassidy Bequest Gift Fund
Cubit Family Foundation
The Kooyong Colts Research Award
Lionel & Yvonne Spencer Trust
Wood Family Foundation

Major gifts

Alison Cole Research Award
Alive Alive O Research Award
Anna Cronin Research Award
Antal Szeleczky Research Award
AusEd International Pty Ltd
Bairnsdale Regional Volunteer Group ResearchAward
Betsy J Kind Research Award
Betty M Smith Research Award
Biomedicine Students’ Society
Cancer’s No Game Research Award
Christopher Legge Clarkefield and Friends
Research Award
Daily Blooms
Deborah Lee
Discretionary Trust of Judith Elizabeth Lewis
Domain Village People Research Award
G & M Dyer Family Trust
Gemsonic Foundation
George Hume Crawford Research Award
Guthrie Family Memorial Trust
Helena Bitter Research Award
JBWere Limited
John & Lorraine Bates
Jim Thompson OAM
Joanne Gunnersen
Joe White Bequest
Julia Walker Kingswood College Research Award
Kirsty Tuck Research Award
Leonie Hosking
Louise Thompson Research Award
Lynne and Wendy’s Walkers Research Award
McKenzie Ag Services
Michael & Sonia Hunter Research Award
Moe and District Volunteer Group Research Award
Mrs Canterbury Research Award
Parents Infant Unit Research Award
Paul & Francesca Di Natale
Pd & Ml Lanyon Family Trust
Peter L Research Award
Pink Butterfly Charity Research Award
Puddles Team Research Award
Rona Bell L Research Award
Rosie Clough
The Circuit Discretionary Trust
Ruth Redpath AO
Sale Volunteer Group Research Award
Sherrill Muir Research Award
Sonia & Michael Hunter Research Award
Stuart & Wayne Charge Research Award
Team Justice Research Award
Rae & Peter Gunn Family Foundation
Ronald Alan Curry Trust
Stuart Douglas Shelley Memorial Research Award
Stuart Leslie Foundation
Vinuri De Silva Research Award
Thipsada Kumar Research Award
Tiffany Jacobs Research Award
Tim Jacobs Research Award
Traralgon Volunteer Group Research Award
Triple M Bendigo Research Award
Trish Leigh Research Award
Women of Note Research Award 

Special funds

The Lyall Watts Mesothelioma Research Fund - Established in 2016 in memory of the late Lyall Watts. The fund supports research into the development, detection and treatment of mesothelioma. Thank you to Gary Kenny, Marjory Watts and Sandra Harbison for continuing this vital funding.
Barbara Mavis Hynam Fund – Established in 2016 by the late Barbara Hynam to support research into the causes and cures of cancer of the bowel.
Charles Campbell Coghlan OAM Breakthrough Research Fund – Established in 2022 by the late Charles Campbell Coghlan OAM, the fund will invest in breakthroughs in cancer prevention, detection, treatment and care.
Helen Macpherson Smith Endowment – Established in 1991 to support the provision of cancer support and information services.
Howard Paul Fund – Established in 2017 by the late Howard Paul for research into cancer.
James L Rafferty Memorial Research Award – Established in 1993 by Margaret Rafferty, in memory of her husband, to support research related to cancer prevention.
Janetta and Derek Thompson Memorial Fund – Established in 1994 in memory of Janetta Thompson to support cancer research.
John Bartlett Memorial Research Award – Established in 1993 by Margaret Rafferty in memory of her brother, to support research related to cancer prevention.
John Richard Beckingsale Fund – Established in 1983 under the terms of the Will of the late Alice Hill, to support cancer research workers.
Margaret Rafferty Research Award – Established in 1993 by Margaret Rafferty, to support research related to cancer prevention.
Pauline Speedy Grants-in-Aid Award – Established by the late Pauline Speedy and Jenny Tatchell in 2017 to fund research into women’s cancers.
Queenie and Edgar Gatt Special Fund – Established in 2013 by the late Dr Edgar Gatt in memory of his dearly beloved wife Queenie Gatt to support our Grants-in-Aid program, funding new cancer research around Victoria.
Sandra Lianne Vegting Fund – Established in 2016 by the late Sandra Vegting to support research into lymphoma cancer.
Val Straker Fellowship – Established in 1998 from the estate of the late Valerie Straker, to support breast cancer research.


Our experienced cancer nurses are ready to talk to anyone affected by cancer - patients, carers, friends and family. Our nurses can provide information, and practical and emotional support.   

They can also connect you to a range of supportive care services including cancer support groups and financial counselling.

Contact our nurses by phone at 13 11 20 or online at

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