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Striving for a cancer-free future

Our cancer research goal is to discover new prevention, detection, support, and treatment opportunities to improve cancer outcomes and save lives.

Cancer Council is a leading contributor to cancer research in Australia.

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Victoria’s largest not for profit funder of cancer research


More than $20 million invested in world-class research each year


Each year we fund more than 90 researchers

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The more research we can do to understand how cancer develops, progresses and generates resistance to normal treatments, the more chance we have of finding a cure.

- Dr Chris Burns

Our research

Our teams are contributing to world leading cancer research.

Through the generous donations to cancer research, Cancer Council is able to invest money in world-leading cancer research through cancer research grants, data, behavioural, lifestyle and genetic research.

Research grants

Scientific work funded in universities, hospitals and research institutes.

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Clinical Trials

Find out how we help patients access clinical trials.

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Victorian Cancer Registry

A world leader in data collection on cancer in Victoria.

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Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer

Testing policies and campaigns that can reduce population cancer risk.

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Cancer Epidemiology Division

Undertaking research to understand factors that can contribute to the development of cancer.

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McCabe Centre for Law & Cancer

Find out how we use the law to prevent cancer and to protect people affected by it.

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Research Governance

Cancer Council Victoria is committed to the responsible and ethical conduct of research. Read more

Cancer Council Victoria does not itself conduct laboratory research involving animals.

Research grants

Research grants

Scientific work we fund in universities, hospitals and research institutes.

Clinical trials

Helping people to access clinical trials throughout Victoria

Clinical trials

Cancer research stories

Harnessing new technology to accelerate cancer research

Your support is leading to exciting developments in cancer cell identification. Read more

Busting clinical trial myths

Dr Dishan Herath from Western Health helps to dispel common misconceptions around participating in clinical trials. Read more

Clinical trials through the eyes of a patient

Jules, diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in 2020, shares her experience as part of a clinical trial and her advice to Victorians recently diagnosed with cancer. Read more

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