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Common side effects

Breast prostheses and reconstruction

There are options to restore your breast shape after a mastectomy. 

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Fatigue and cancer

Cancer-related fatigue does not always go away with rest or sleep.

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Cancer may affect your ability to conceive a child or maintain a pregnancy.

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Hair loss

Hair loss or hair thinning can result from certain cancer treatment. 

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If the lymphatic system is not working properly, you may experience swelling.

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Mouth health

Cancer treatment can cause side effects that affect the mouth area.

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Nerve pain and numbness

Sometimes cancer can damage the peripheral nerves, causing pain or numbness. 

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Understanding cancer pain

Pain can be experienced at any stage of cancer and in many different ways.

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Taste and smell changes

Changes to the taste, smell or feeling of food can lead to weight loss.

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Changes in thinking and memory

You may notice changes in the way you think and remember information.

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Complementary therapies

These therapies aim to increase your quality of life, sense of control and mood.

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