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Submitting data

Submitting data

Cancer in Victoria 2022 Annual Report

The Victorian Cancer Registry Annual Report detailed statistical analysis of trends in cancer presentation, incidence, survival, and mortality.

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We analyse and publish reports about specific tumours and cancer trends.

Accessing and requesting data

Find out how we can provide data and to whom.

Submitting data

Learn about submitting data to the Victorian Cancer Registry.

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All Victorian pathology services and hospitals, both public and private, are required to notify the Victorian Cancer Registry of patients with cancers notifiable under the Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014.

The Victorian Cancer Registry Internet Portal (VCRIP) provides a secure electronic portal for the exchange of information between the Victorian Cancer Registry and authorised external stakeholders. To apply for access to VCRIP, you can either:

  • send an email to
  • ask a registered VCRIP Contact at the same organisation to submit a Request Access via VCRIP.

Pathology services submit data electronically to the Victorian Cancer Registry. For instruction on setting up the technology to enable this to occur, please contact us on

Health services including hospitals, day procedure centres and radiation oncology centres submitting data to the VCR should use these two reference guides to assist then in understanding how to submit a cancer registration to the Victorian Cancer Registry:

Cancer Registration User Guide

The User Guide provide details on what cancers are notifiable to the VCR, and outlines what information is required when registering the cancer and when it is to be submitted to the VCR. It contains a data dictionary with a reporting guide to assist clinical coders.

Download the User Guide  

Cancer Registration Technical Guide

The Technical Guide is a reference for IT personnel to set up data extractions for health services submitting data to the VCR.

Download the Technical Guide