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Help families living with cancer. Donate now.

Make your tax-deductible donation before 30 June.

Donate to Cancer Council Victoria

Families like Tim and Melanie’s need your support.

Donate now to fund life-changing services to help families today, and support innovative research that can save lives tomorrow.

Tim and Family

Every single day in Victoria, 98 people like Tim get the news that no one wants to hear. They have cancer.

"We had three little kids and a mortgage… I was preparing myself for a future without him." - Tim’s wife Melanie. 

No family should have to go through this kind of heartbreak, stress, and financial pressure.

Your donation can give families the support they need to cope with cancer today. And it can help fund essential research that is bringing us closer to a cancer-free tomorrow.

Donate now

Your donation makes an impact

Tax deductible


$30 for life-changing services, such as financial counselling for a family like Tim and Melanie’s.

Donate $30 today

Tax deductible


$55 for our 13 11 20 helpline that provides practical help for people living with cancer.

Donate $55 today

Most impact


$100 that helps fund crucial research that could prevent and treat cancer.

Donate $100 today

Call us to make a donation

1300 65 65 85

Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

If you feel more comfortable donating over the phone, you can chat to one of our friendly team members during business hours who can support you with making your donation.

Donation FAQs

Want to know more about how donations are made and used? Please see responses to frequently asked questions below.


What are the other ways to donate to Cancer Council Victoria?

Making a donation is just one of the ways to support Cancer Council Victoria. You can get involved through a number of other channels, like:

Where does my money go when I donate?

Your donation will go to supporting Cancer Council Victoria's mission towards a cancer-free future.

Our mission is to eradicate all cancer. We cannot guarantee that your donation will go directly to ovarian cancer research, for example. 

Your donation also does not go to Cancer Council Australia, which is a separate organisation. Instead, it will go to local initiatives and support services in Victoria.

For more information on how we spent our money last year, you can visit the Financials section our latest Annual Report.

Can you set up a monthly automatic donation?

If you're looking to do more than donate on a special occasion, you can! Becoming a regular giver is the single most impactful way you can help people diagnosed with cancer. Regular giving contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to the important work we do.

How will I know if my donation is used correctly?

While administration costs are necessary for a charity to run efficiently, there are ways to evaluate if your donation is being used effectively.

  • By assessing financial information, you can gauge an organisation's levels of accountability.

  • By evaluating a charity’s strategic plan and outcomes, you can judge how it is making an impact in the community.

  • Annual reports give insight into progress and activities throughout the year, and can be used as a benchmark for donation contributions.

Cancer Council Victoria is committed to transparency. If you’d like to know more about how we spent our money last year, you can visit our latest Annual Report.

Will I be tax exempted if I donate here?

Yes, you'll receive a tax receipt on any donation over $2. This will allow you to claim your donation come tax time. Most donations to charity offer the same benefit.

You can use the tax receipt for your donation to claim a deduction at tax time through the Australian Tax Office's online portal. If you have a personal income tax agent, they can submit the deduction on your behalf.

We have a comprehensive guide to claiming a donation tax deduction for people donating to Cancer Council Victoria.